John Deere 4840 Won’t Move

John Deere 4840 Problems

I have a John Deere 4840, it is relatively new to me so I am not very familiar with it. The hired helper called and said the clutch was slipping. I told him to try to finish the last few acres of the field he was on and that we would look at him. He managed to finish a couple more acres and he was dead in the field. He was not moving.

He said he started slipping high but grabbed in between which was when he called me shortly after he slid in intermediate and switched low and ran until he wouldn’t move (probably not a good move). As I said I am not that mechanically familiar with it, but it may soon change. I do most of my own mechanical work.

Where do I start with this tractor, clutch, power change, filters, pump? I have asked for a repair manual and it seems that if there is a problem with the clutch or the power shift the tranny has to come out. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Try the filters first. That is what it usually is in a Case of that time at least. The fact that it has progressively lost different clutches tells me that it is probably a hydraulic pressure problem.
  • It could be that the main clutch lock has been unscrewed and that disengages the clutch. Check if there is any free pedal if that is not the problem. And yes big mistake to try to keep running that could have blown the main clutch. Has any light come on? If there is no free pedal it has to be adjusted by someone who knows what they are doing. When the clutch is unscrewed it can be very difficult to screw it back into the fit.
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