John Deere 4840 Powershift Issues

John Deere 4840 Powershift Issues Problems

I have a John Deere 4840 that the transmission is giving me problems. If I keep the clutch and change of gears, all gears work as they should. If I loose the clutch while I am at any march, the tractor stops dry. NOTE: If I keep the clutch and I put a gear, the tractor starts moving immediately and the only way to stop it is to return to the deadlock or release the clutch, which in turn will turn off the engine. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • It seems that you have a clutch pack that was slipping and now it is soldier. It’s time for a book, some meters, a little diagnostic work, and a little quality time reconstruction of your clutch packages and change valves. If you are the lucky type, it is only a blown O-ring or together on the valve body. Under the cabin, to the left, on top of the transmission filters there is a disconnect lever of the “tow” transmission. Put it in the trailer position to test it. You will live longer.
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