John Deere 4840 powershift issue only when warm

John Deere powershift issue only when warm Problems

John Deere 4840. No issues for the first 10 minutes, but when it warms up, it slips out of gear and into neutral.I have to shut off the engine and restart it in neutral to get it back in gear.Transmission noise sounds like fluid is transferring from one side of the transmission to the other under pressure and does not do so until problems begin.The hour meter broke at 1,500 hours, I guess it has 3,000 hours.There is no hydraulic drop on the implement if that makes a difference.

  • What you have to do is first check that the hitch is properly adjusted and then you have to check the transmission shift and the system pressures.These procedures should be clearly explained in your manual.
  • I changed the oil, filters and cleaned the very clogged crankcase screen and that fixed it.
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