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JD4840 Problems

I have a John Deere 4840 mf 4 wheel drive that does not have the high gear in the low power shift an intermediate job well this is a pto tractor the clutch also rattles. I have set the clutch brake and free play. I have heard of release bearing problems on PTO models.

  • My father has a John Deere 4840 MF when we are not in high gear on the power shift go to the shift plunger on the right side of the transmission rubber boot clean off good dirt and lubricate while someone is moving the shift lever, its did not have pto.
  • The output bearing bushing wears and rattles. PTO tractors are the worst because they don’t get as much lubrication in that area. There was a larger lubrication pump on the later tractors. I have managed to put a bungee cord from the clutch arm pin to the gear case eye to get by.
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