John Deere 4840 Gearchange

JD 4840 Problems

My John Deere 4840 is nearly impossible to get out of gear when standing with my foot on the clutch. The only way to get her out of gear is to do it while she is in motion and then stop. Is this normal?

It’s been like this since I bought it. I have tried adjusting the transmission clutch and brake according to the book, but it has not improved. Can it be that the clutch keeps dragging even with my foot on the pedal?

I have two of these tractors, one is perfect, the other is just like yours. Made all the same adjustments and there is no change. With the foot on the clutch and the engine is turned off it falls out of gear. It’s like the trans brake.

It is worn, or the discs are hanging up.after 8000hrs something is worn, but it would be very expensive to fix. We run it as is, and nurse along. Checked for dirt and oil and found it to be very clean.

I checked my service manual and it seems the release bearing unit is the problem. it is a wet clutch system, and the sleeve on the release bearing is prone to wear.would be a big job to change, if the parts are even made.

As most of you know these tractors have a 14 inch 4 disc wet clutch when the oil is cold they shift hard and that’s it. The best way to shift after the oil is hot is to leave the power shift on high or medium pull the throttle to idle thrust on the clutch after the tractor comes to a downshift power shift stop and that will come to the right of the march.

And when adjusting the clutch, set the transmission brake a little wider than the book says so the brake engages just before the pedal hits the ground. This will allow the main clutch to release a bit more making it shift better. Do not grind the gears as this will take the 2nd gear retaining ring and the shift fork will wear out and it shifts like shit.

And like I said before DO NOT lower the power shift at highway speeds it will blow the clutch pack retaining ring low and that pack runs on the front cover and in no time you have a power shift two-speed.

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