John Deere 4840 Engine or Trans – Oil Leak

John Deere 4840 Tractor Problems

After starting my John Deere 4840 and unhooking my 3pt sprayer, I noticed some oil dripping from the drain hole between the engine and the trans. The tractor is about 10 hours old since they put a new damper clutch last fall, so I thought they could have put a new input and main shaft seal on it, but I’m not sure.

While using it to spray the other day I smelled hot hydraulic fluid and it was leaking slightly, but today it is worse. The tractor shifts well and the hydraulic fluid level is still good. What kind of problem can I have?

You have an oil leak. Is the oil black (engine) or “clear oil”? Does it smell like hydraulic oil and is it clear? It’s probably hydraulic oil. Take a look at it and make sure the oil isn’t going down under the hood and dripping down the bottom of the clutch housing. it could be as simple as a loose clamp on a hydraulic oil cooler hose.

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