John Deere 4840 – Diesel Will Not Crank Over

John Deere 4840 Tractor Problems

Hi. I have a John Deere 4840 tractor. The problem is the diesel won’t crank. Help with advice. Thanks

  • You have used the wrong type of fuel. The fuel pump does not work. Inspect and reassemble. Incorrect timing of the fuel injection pump. An adjustment is necessary.
  • Worn piston rings and valve guides. Replace them with new ones. Incorrect injection advance angle. Adjust the recommended injection advance angle.
  • Air cleaner element clogged or oil soaked. Dirt or water in the fuel system.
  • Engine valves out of adjustment. Contact an authorized service center. Cold start system used incorrectly. Defect or failure of the piston rings. Defective fuel pump drive shaft. Water, dirt, or air in the fuel system. Drain, rinse, fill and purge the system. Crankcase oil too heavy. Use oil of the correct viscosity.
  • Faulty starter – Replace or repair. The fuel line is clogged – Flush and clean the fuel line. The fuel filter is dirty – Install a new filter. Piston Ring Failure – Replace the piston rings.
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