4840 John Deere Tractor – Over Heating Problem

4840 John Deere Tractor 4840 Problems

I have a tractor John Deere 4840. Problem of overheating: I have changed the water pump, the two thermostats, cleaned the cooling coils and the radiator on the outside and inside. I have changed the separator filter and the water plug. The pump circulates the water. I do not know anything else you can do to solve this problem. Please give me a repair suggestion. Thanks

You said you have cleaned the “heating coils”. What do you mean? If you mean the radiator, have you physically disassembled the radiator and led it to a washing tunnel and have cleaned it under pressure? I washed it inside and out, and then I washed the entire cooling system with hot water three times before putting a good antifreeze on the tractor.

The temperature of the tractor is still normal. If you have physically done the radiator and you continue to be heating problems, make sure the thermostats are well positioned and also check the water pump well. Check that the driver of the water pump is installed as the original. I say this just because once I changed a water pump in an older Chev truck with a new water pump and the driver of the new water pump was opposite the old man.

This is because the new water pumps on the new Chev trucks work with a serpentine strap and rotate the water pump in the direction opposed to the old water pumps powered by a single strap. Just something to consider and keep in mind …. Perhaps the new JD water pumps have changed, they should not, but you never know!

Anyway, good luck!

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