John Deere 4840

John Deere 4840

The John Deere 4840 Tractor was manufactured by John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, from 1978 to 1982.

The 4840 is the largest in the series which also includes the smaller John Deere 4040, John Deere 4240 and John Deere 4440 tractors. The engine that drives the wheels and hydraulics of the JD 4840 is a diesel engine designed and built by John Deere. The engine has a total displacement of 7.6 liters, divided into 6 cylinders. The engine is kept cool with a very large cooling system that can hold up to 37.9 liters of water. A dual paper air filter is used to keep dust and other particles out of the engine. The engine uses an intercooled turbocharger to produce up to a maximum of 181 hp.

Engine power is delivered to the wheels of the John Deere 4840 through a JD PowerShift transmission. This gearbox provides the tractor with 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds. Its maximum forward speed is 29.9 km / h, while in reverse it is 10.3 km / h. The total weight of the JD 4840 is 8164 kg when in operation, while its maximum weight with ballast is 9239 kg. The overall length of the tractor is 4.49 m (177 inches). The John Deere 4840 rear hitch is Category 3 and has a maximum safe lift capacity of 3,762 kg (8,295 lbs).

John Deere 4840 Review

The John Deere 4840 is equipped with power steering, differential hydraulic wet disc brakes, Sound-Gard cab, and a 390.0 liter (103 US gal; 85.8 Imp.) Fuel tank.

This tractor has a detailed interior, “glass” cab, metal wheels, front counterweights, dual rear tires, mirrors, windshield wipers, chimneys, and a 3-point hitch.

This tractor has a true hitch so it won’t hook onto Ertl implements.

Our opinion on the John Deere 4840:

Diesel engine, more than 4 cylinders is the highest working culture, perfectly matched to rated speed, turbo engine, intercooler, typical 12V starter, 6V, rather typical lighting, PTO plus, none BAS, disc brakes, wet , heavy tractor, well done on a large farm, long, bulky, wide wheels apart, traditional 2-wheel drive, hydrostatic control, lack of timing gears, power shift, two clutches inside the transmission and the Electro control, advanced transmission, allows you to shift under load, the average number of gears forward, racing at the rear of very limited.

John Deere

John Deere

Modifications: John Deere 4840


John Deere makes good tractors overall, but this particular model is lightning in a bottle. The 7.6-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine is (in my opinion) the best diesel engine ever made by John Deere. It is incredibly reliable. This model combines the fabulous engine with the legendary PowerShift transmission.

These tractors are so rare that it is rare to see one with an old, tired engine or transmission that cannot be repaired. In fact, the heart of these tractors will outlive the chassis. One of the first things to wear out on hour-long tractors is axle components. This is not because there is a design flaw in the axle, but competing tractors often have a major failure (transmission or engine Problems) long before they have enough hours to start wearing the axle. The JD 4840 is different, and that’s great news.

After many hours, the JD 4840 will start to wear out. The good news is that replacement parts are readily available and relatively easy to install.

The fuel tank has a capacity of more than 100 gallons, so you will be able to work for a long time before having to take a break to refuel. But that’s okay, because this model has a very modern cabin with all the comforts you can expect: a quiet ride, heating, air conditioning, and a comfortable seat.

We have two 4840. Good cheap and reliable power. However, if you plan to wear it a bit, buy one without knowing the hours, etc. it is a great risk. One of the 4840s we bought was over 10,000 hours old and started to have transmission problems shortly after we bought it. It cost us $ 30,000 in repairs even though very few gears were replaced … especially the discs of the gearshift clutch packs and the brake discs … had a loose surface … presumably because there had been water in the transmission. So in the end the cheapest tractor can turn out to be the most expensive. We love our 4840’s but my advice is to buy one around 6000 – 7000 hours, that it comes from a good home.

I bought a 4840 8 years ago or so with 8200 hours. The engine broke down at 10,000 hours, so I put a full JD long block on it for $ 16,000. 400 hours later, the transmission broke, so he rebuilt the transmission for $ 22,000. The PTO clutch, radiator, injector pump, brakes, air conditioning, door, partial transmission again, starter motors (many!), Alternator, have been repaired twice. etc. It has just over 16,000 hours now. I wish I had spent the money on an 8100. I have invested a lot of money in this 4840 and will run it until I die. He is always the last one chosen to drive and nobody likes the tractor.

We still have one. My father’s favorite tractor. It drives well, pulls very well for its size and doesn’t have “too many buttons.” I think they’re good old-fashioned tractors, just don’t overload it just because. A lot of the ones around here were dirt tractors and they’ve ridden them a lot. They turned the screw and let it start.

Cheapest horsepower I’ve ever bought. The only things that brought in good money, for me, were the baler, the windrower, and the irrigation tubes. Tractors were significantly undervalued from what I can determine.

I have driven a 4840 through a lot of acres this is my favorite john deere tractor sheer raw power all 180 of them would be cutting tobacco dirt to be laid with the other tractors and open the door just so i could hear the roar of that 466 cubic inches.

I think they are a good tractor but remember they have some age in them. I have been well used for 15 years since I was well used when I bought it.I do not know the story before I have it and I had to do a good engine job in it.It seems that most of the engine problems were caused by a JD workshop that was not doing a good job.The last time the engine needed repair we did it ourselves and we have not had more problems. The old power change of 8 speeds is Ruff Shifting but they are quite tuff.The 4840 only came with the PowerShift transmission as far as I know and did not have the Quadrange option as in the 4640. In addition to having more factory power I think the 48 is a little heavier.I think they have a larger radiator and fan.They have double lifting assistance cylinders in the 3-point coupling for more elevation.

JD 4840
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